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Track Record:  Review of Business Processes

Mike Stoke has assisted many clients review their key business processes.  For example:

Telecommunications Company (2003-04)

(IT Sector)

Worked in a small team reviewing supply and market processes.  Solution was based on lifecycle management principles.  Developed sophisticated business model for interim use by all staff involved, and assisted with change process.

Government Agency (1995-96)

(Central Government)

Led teams of staff in comprehensive review of operational processes for this large organisation.  Prepared cost-benefit analyses to enable selection among options for service improvement, and to demonstrate the net benefits to staff, customers and the organisation.  Developed a comprehensive change management plan.

Bank (1995)

(Finance Industry)

Reviewed internal communication processes used by the bank, and identified an opportunity to reduce costs by outsourcing part of this function.  Prepared RfP, managed the selection process on behalf of the bank, advised on contractual issues and prepared the service level agreement to be used in the new contract..

Insurer (1994-95)

(Finance Industry)

Worked in a large team doing a complete review of this large organisation.  Review all major business processes and identified key strategic options that would enable improved service to clients and reduce operating costs.  Undertook cost-benefit analyses, and developed high level performance indicators for senior management.

City Council (1994)

(Local Government)

Led a project intended to turn the IT Department into a business unit.  Determined the needs of internal and external customers of the Department, developed a suitable charging mechanism, assisted managers establish their service level agreements, developed a strategic plan for the Unit, and facilitated the change process.

Petroleum Company (1990)

(Energy Sector)

Participated in a complete review of overhead costs for the local subsidiary of this prominent multinational.  Identified several areas with significant opportunity for service improvement and cost reduction, developed new processes and prepared change plans
Various Carried out similar reviews in central government, telecommunications sector, printing industry, manufacturing, etc.

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