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Brisbane, Australia

Mobile: +61 (405) 115-669

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Mike Stoke & Associates (MSA) is a specialist business consultancy established in New Zealand in 1996 and in Queensland in 2005.  We work with owners or stakeholders in small to medium size businesses to develop, enhance or realise business value.

We help our clients prepare for investment or sale by:

  • Commercialising Intellectual Property

Do you have a business idea / new technology / a process that you think could be marketed?

  • Positioning for Raising Equity

Are you early stage, with a proven business model, looking for capital?

  • Positioning to Exit or Sell the Business

Are you a major shareholder or owner wanting to exit or sell?

  • Evaluating Acquisition / Investment Targets

Do you have a merger / acquisition target?

Are you wondering whether to invest in a technology upgrade?

We also help our clients with their long term sustainability by:

  • Developing and Managing Business Strategy
All organisations should be managed strategically ...
  • Providing professional oversight on your Board as an Independent Director

When you're more established and want the benefits of best-practice governance.

We work with our clients to:

  • identify the optimum strategy
  • determine the value involved
  • evaluate the risks involved and determine how to mitigate them
  • finalise strategic plans and prepare for implementation
  • prepare documentation required for investors or sale
  • negotiate (if necessary)
  • manage implementation.

We invite you to browse through the projects outlined on this website, and to have a look at any of the examples we've provided of our work.

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