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What value does an Independent Director add?

If you have a Board, you're showing the world that your business is mature and professional - it shows the world (and your bank manager) that you're doing something right.

A Board:

  • is part of a culture of professionalism and accountability that you should have in your business
  • is the key to enabling business owners understand and feel in control of their business
  • is a vital support for your executive management, providing advice, acting as a sounding board, assisting the resolution of problems among senior management, and ultimately holds management accountable
  • represents a degree of rigour in the running of your business, and reduces the risk in your business as perceived by other stakeholders, particularly investors or lenders
  • demonstrates that you're thinking long term.

Pacific Growth


We are very pleased to be working with Pacific Growth, a Business Unusual® firm based in Brisbane, Australia.  The Pacific Growth Board Support Program is aimed at medium-sized businesses that are already successful, and wish to establish best-practice governance procedures.

Pacific Growth provides tools, support and a professional, qualified independent Director to lead your new Board.  The entire Board Program is structured to maintain and improve the way you do business, to take you to the next level of maturity as a company.  All Directors accredited by Pacific Growth are experienced professionals and graduate members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

What does MSA offer?

MSA has:

  • experience on Advisory Boards for companies in early stage (going through funding rounds), companies seeking acquisitions, and companies at exit (when current owners are positioning for a sale)
  • the benefit of several years of consulting to the top levels in organisations, working with the executive at Board  level and with the Board or Council during strategy development activity
  • considerable experience in strategy development and performance improvement across many sectors
  • a strong focus on value creation and management of value
  • the qualifications required for the vital role of independent Director.

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