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Brisbane, Australia

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Mike Stoke & Associates understand the importance of strategy in generating business value, and has the experience, skills and processes required to develop, implement and manage strategy.  Mike has particular awareness of the impact of emerging technologies.

Mike Stoke has worked as a business consultant since 1985, undertaking a wide variety of strategic assignments in several sectors.


B.Sc. Eng (Elec), Cape Town

Certificate in Company Direction (IoD)

"Business value depends primarily on cash flows from future business opportunities.

Strategy identifies these opportunities and the best way to realise them.

It is essential for any business to manage strategically."

Mike Stoke

Mike Stoke

Biographical information (CV):

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Business Consulting:
Independent Director:  


MAICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors)


English (fluent)

Employment History:

05 - Mike Stoke & Associates Pty Ltd - Director

96 - 04

Stoke Consulting Services Ltd - Director

96 - 03

Martech Consulting Group - Principal

85 - 96

PA Consulting Group


None (travel)

78 - 83

McKenzie & Holland (NZ) Ltd - Design Engineer

Countries Worked in:

Australia, NZ, Laos, Hong Kong, South Africa, Zimbabwe


Mike has an excellent grasp of strategy, a very good understanding of the business environment, a focus on value creation, clear thinking and strong facilitation skills.

He focuses on the generation of business value for his clients, and includes client staff wherever possible to build support, enthusiasm and ownership.

His experience in valuing and developing business value has developed into a major interest and is a fundamental component of his strategic work.

Work Activities:

Mike has assisted his clients develop strategies to improve their business performance and value. He has:

  • developed strategies to optimise the value of information and the use of technology
  • facilitated the development of strategies for industry sectors
  • valued existing businesses and advised shareholders on strategies to optimise value
  • positioned businesses for investment or sale, and assisted shareholders with investment or sale negotiation
  • evaluated the effectiveness of innovation in organisations and sector-wide
  • evaluated proposed business ventures; developed strategies to reduce risk and maximise returns available
  • advised on information needs for decision-making at the top levels in organisations
  • advised on the strategic use of the internet and undertaken research into options for the effective use of e-business
  • undertaken comprehensive reviews of business processes
  • undertaken performance reviews of organisations
  • advised on institutional restructuring of quasi-Government bodies
  • reviewed the impact of e-Commerce on businesses and sectors.

Industry Experience:

Central government: Information and business strategies, performance-based reporting, work management procedures, review of work processes, information management, development of fee structures, cost/benefit analyses, project management, valuation of intellectual property, review of research effectiveness, performance reviews, institutional restructuring

Local government: Information and business strategies, business planning, restructuring along business unit lines, service level agreements

Research Providers: Information strategies, revision of business processes

Utilities (gas, power): Performance-based reporting, information and business strategies, strategic management, business modelling and demand forecasting, performance improvement, institutional restructuring

Primary Sector: Strategy development, business modelling, valuation, capital raising, performance management, review of research effectiveness

Manufacturing: Performance improvement, production control, performance reporting, information strategies, business valuation

Retail and Distribution: Information and business strategies, business valuation, performance improvement, outsourcing

Banking and Insurance: Performance improvement, reviews of communications, outsourcing, service level agreements, internet strategies, performance reporting

Information Technology: Cost/benefit analyses, business and internet strategy development, business and venture valuation, information memoranda, product lifecycle managment strategies and systems

Tourism: Business and internet strategy, venture evaluation, e-business solutions.

Health: Strategy development, capital raising.

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