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  Why use Mike Stoke & Associates?

The Benefit of Extensive Experience

We can provide the benefit of experience gained by addressing strategic issues in most sectors of the economy, for all sizes of organisations.

We have worked with many clients in various sectors to assist them commercialise intellectual property, prepare for investment rounds, or position for exit and sale.  We have prepared many information memoranda, and assisted our clients with the investment or sale process.  We have often continued to have a consulting or advisory role after successful conclusion to negotiation, assisting with implementation of the strategy.

Knowledge from Research

Insights gained from working in one sector are often transferable to other sectors. In addition to our consulting activity, we have undertaken several research projects in the primary sector, tourism, telecommunications and other sectors, which have provided a very good basic understanding of those sectors.

Much of our strategic work involves research into markets, competitors or technology.

A Fresh Perspective

One of the most valuable services an external consultant can provide is a different perspective on your business.  Employees of all organisations are subject to corporate 'blinkers' - it takes an external perspective to challenge preconceived ideas and mindsets.

We have a proven ability to identify solutions and often intellectual property that have not previously been noted in-house.

Skills and Resource

SCS provides skills and resources that are often not available in-house, and therefore enables you to find more effective, more reliable solutions, faster.  We develop business models that are designed to be interactive, and can be used by your own staff afterwards.

We have also assisted clients with reviews and redesign of key business processes, provided independent advice on strategic and technological issues (particularly in relation to e-business), undertaken research and completed a variety of strategic projects.

Knowledge Transfer A very important outcome of our work is that make management become much more aware of what affects value in their organisation, and therefore they are able to become more effective.  We consider this vital, and put a great deal of emphasis on communicating with your managers.
Network of Specialists We have developed close relationships with agents representing certain private investors and investor groups.  These are valuable relationships,

because they provide access for our clients to investors who would otherwise be difficult to approach.

We are part of a network of specialist consultancies, and are therefore able to provide resources and complementary skills as required on a project by project basis, to ensure that the greatest possible amount of value is achieved on behalf of our clients.

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