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Brisbane, Australia

Mobile: +61 (405) 115-669

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Track Record

Mike Stoke & Associates has an extensive track record.  We have provided examples (some with documents that may be browsed or dowmloaded) in the following categories:

Funding and Acquisition Activity

Work intended to raise capital, acquire new assets or realise asset value.

Sector Development / Institutional Restructuring Sector-based strategy work and research projects, work around the role and function of organisations.
Strategy Development (Business / Information / Technology)

Strategy development intended to optimise future business value and the value and utilisation of information and other technologies (especially e-commerce, in recent years).

Review of Business Processes

Projects intended to improve the effectiveness or efficiency of processes used by organisations.

Business Performance Management Work intended to improve management effectiveness by improving the information used for decision-making.
Project / Change Management Implementation of strategic plans and management of other projects.

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